A Matter of Taste

Coming to Dinner?

Notes / sketch by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Notes / sketch by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Random notes

I have started a few research questions to extend the ‘Project: Edible Shoe’ beyond the event but also to consider as a viable project for funding:

  • How does the edible artefact (the shoe) have any significance for the consumer / diner? We are used to animals being served at the table, such as a pigling, but how does the artefact (the shoe) differ in our perception of taste or even to be excited about the sight of food? Is there a sensory comparison?
  • How does the experience of eating the meal compare with the visual experience of looking at works of art about food?

This image (below) is not mine but one that I find interesting in that bizarre notion of being too ugly to eat and yet so beautiful to taste… I know … a contradiction but maybe that is what art can be.

Eleanor’s comment in Facebook Group (sorry Closed Group) ‘Edible shoe’: “A rather strange take on the idea but would be stunningly wicked for dinner… maybe sugar coated cherry iced jelly with white chocolate base.. yum”

Image:‘Apex Predator – Mary Jane’ by Artists – Fantich and Young