Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Reblog: ‘You have reached LaBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner. Can you touch my soul?’

ReBlog: Shia LaBeouf’s latest artistic performance interrogates celebrity, online community and the endless search for ‘true connection’. This all took place at the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology (FACT) in Liverpool from December 11… Continue reading

Brilliant: Artists Take On Trauma Recovery in Dublin | The Creators Project

Interesting exhibition: Scientists Used Virtual Reality to Teleport People into Different Bodies Not only is it therapeutic, the results often convey what is so often difficult to express. Trauma: Built to Break is a new… Continue reading

Broken Windows Theory

破窗效應 BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY – 9 January 2016 Exhibition Opening @ 2pm 醉美空間 Aglow Space 1, Lane 85, Yong Hua 1st St. Tainan City 700 Taiwan

Info: A Guide to 20 Top Artist Residencies and Retreats Across the United States | BLOUIN ARTINFO

Check this out: The path to a successful art career can be a twisting one, but one commonly traveled route is the artist residency. There are hundreds of residencies out there, ranging from… Continue reading

成大科技藝術學程非常榮幸,即將於本周四邀請克里斯特芬‧明斯基 Kristefan Minski… – NCKU Techno Art 國立成功大學 科技藝術碩士學位學程

NCKU Techno Art is very proud to invite Kristefan Minski to talk about Ars Electronica Futurelab on the forthcoming Thursday. Kristefan Minski is currently a cross media artist, researcher and producer based at… Continue reading

Speaker | eleanorgatestuart

      Magnified, National Archives of Australia Guest Speaker, Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart: Magnified, 12 years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, National Archives of Australia (2015) Photo courtesy of the National Archives… Continue reading

Well done CSIRO: Pears, Pluto and 3D printed ribs: our prized posts for 2015 – CSIRO blog

Well done CSIRO: It’s been a busy year for CSIRO. Here’s ten of our favourite ‘jaw droppers’. Check out Source: Pears, Pluto and 3D printed ribs: our prized posts for 2015 – CSIRO… Continue reading