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ReBlog: Science of the Unseen Opens | ACM SIGGRAPH

In the Mix (cropped) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart with Sherry Mayo http://science-unseen.siggraph.org Thanks Siggraph for posting my artwork – eleanor gates-stuart 24 Jun 2016 What goes unseen, unfelt, unheard? The Digital Arts Community of… Continue reading

ScienceNetwork WA: Merging art with science

  ScienceNetwork WA Dr Gates-Stuart is now Scitech’s 2016 artist in residence, during which she will offer a mesmerising installation that invites participants to ponder the mineral riches in WA’s Super Pit.  Through… Continue reading

Wedge: Under the surface by artist, eleanor gates-stuart

‘Wedge’ by Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart (NCKU University – Techno Art) Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals Acknowledgement Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO Source: Wedge: Under… Continue reading

Well done CSIRO: Pears, Pluto and 3D printed ribs: our prized posts for 2015 – CSIRO blog

Well done CSIRO: It’s been a busy year for CSIRO. Here’s ten of our favourite ‘jaw droppers’. Check out Source: Pears, Pluto and 3D printed ribs: our prized posts for 2015 – CSIRO… Continue reading

Excellent: Australia & China: 40 years of science collaboration – CSIRO blog

Together with the Chinese Academy of Science, we’ve produced four decades worth of important collaborations, staff exchanges and new innovations. Look-up Source: Australia & China: 40 years of science collaboration – CSIRO blog

Science+Food+Art: The tough life of a soil crust – CSIRO blog

Brilliant work….. and inspiration to the ‘Edible Shoe’. What happens when science meets food meets art? You get sculptural meringues and splices — mud cakes, if you will — from our artist in… Continue reading