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ReBlog: Science of the Unseen Opens | ACM SIGGRAPH

In the Mix (cropped) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart with Sherry Mayo http://science-unseen.siggraph.org Thanks Siggraph for posting my artwork – eleanor gates-stuart 24 Jun 2016 What goes unseen, unfelt, unheard? The Digital Arts Community of… Continue reading

SIGGRAPH: Art of the Unseen

Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives live on the internet. Phil Gough and Lindsay Zackeroff, co-curators and Cynthia B Rubin, Chair, ACM SIGGRAPH DAC Committee

Edible Shoe

This project, ‘Edible Shoe’, is taking shape in Taiwan. A mix of Australian and Taiwanese culture.  Please message us if you are interesting in participating. NCKU Techno Art 國立成功大學 科技藝術碩士學位學程 NCKU ICID 國立成功大學 創意產業設計研究所Eleanor… Continue reading

ReBlog:CERN just dropped 300 TB of Large Hadron Collider data free online – ScienceAlert

Article: CERN just dropped 300 TB of Large Hadron Collider data free online Happy particle hunting. TODD JAQUITH, FUTURISM 26 APR 2016 Check out Source: CERN just dropped 300 TB of Large Hadron… Continue reading

Reblog: Virtual Reality Is About to Meet Experimental Fine Dining | The Creators Project

Heston Blumenthal and Marshmallow Laser Feast are to combine puppeteers, tracking technology, and real-time motion capture for some multisensory, mixed-reality cuisine. Check out Source: Virtual Reality Is About to Meet Experimental Fine Dining… Continue reading

Yup Jin Lantern Festival Artworks @ NCKU

Wonderful to see the artworks return to National Cheng Kung University Check out the video    

Reblog: So cool… Meet the queen of useless robots: ‘The internet is a weird place’

Article: Amber Jamieson The Guardian Known as “the queen of shitty robots”, Swedish inventor Simone Giertz builds robots to help with everyday activities – except, they don’t work. Well, mechanically they work beautifully, but her robots… Continue reading

Calling Artists:Sound Development City

  Sound Development City is a three-week expedition to two annually changing cities for artists from all disciplines and from around the world. The 5th edition takes place in Madrid and Casablanca from… Continue reading

Reblog: McDonald’s makes VR play; turns Happy Meal boxes into headsets

Happy MacVR Macca’s is the latest brand to dip its toes into the virtual reality waters, with the fast-food giant rolling out a trial in Sweden, which sees its iconic Happy Meal box… Continue reading

ReBlog:The #SciArt Tweet Storm Has Returned – Scientific American Blog Network

 @SYMBIARTIC  #SCIART!  The #SciArt Tweet Storm Has Returned The massive event that swept Twitter for a week last year starts again today. Join the #SciArt Tweet Storm! By Glendon Mellow on March 1, 2016 Batten… Continue reading