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Reblog: So cool… Meet the queen of useless robots: ‘The internet is a weird place’

Article: Amber Jamieson The Guardian Known as “the queen of shitty robots”, Swedish inventor Simone Giertz builds robots to help with everyday activities – except, they don’t work. Well, mechanically they work beautifully, but her robots… Continue reading

reBlog: Study-Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity – IEEE Spectrum

Photo: Henrik Scharfe/Geminoid DK Robotic skeleton of Geminoid DK, an android developed by Dr. Henrik Scharfe. In a recent study, researchers used photos of humanlike robots like Geminoid DK to investigate how people… Continue reading

Super cool: Robot Shows How Babies Are Actively Plotting to Make You Smile – IEEE Spectrum

Experiments with robot babies reveal that when a baby smiles at you, it’s trying to get you to smile back Researchers from Olin College, the University of Miami, and UC San Diego have… Continue reading

Brilliant: Bots Do Ballet in Brooklyn, and the Crowd Goes Wild – IEEE Spectrum

Seven Nao robots steal the spotlight in a modern dance performance Look-up Source: Bots Do Ballet in Brooklyn, and the Crowd Goes Wild – IEEE Spectrum The first Nao made his initial appearance… Continue reading