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Reblog: Virtual Reality Is About to Meet Experimental Fine Dining | The Creators Project

Heston Blumenthal and Marshmallow Laser Feast are to combine puppeteers, tracking technology, and real-time motion capture for some multisensory, mixed-reality cuisine. Check out Source: Virtual Reality Is About to Meet Experimental Fine Dining… Continue reading

ScienceNetwork WA: Merging art with science

  ScienceNetwork WA Dr Gates-Stuart is now Scitech’s 2016 artist in residence, during which she will offer a mesmerising installation that invites participants to ponder the mineral riches in WA’s Super Pit.  Through… Continue reading

成大科技藝術學程非常榮幸,即將於本周四邀請克里斯特芬‧明斯基 Kristefan Minski… – NCKU Techno Art 國立成功大學 科技藝術碩士學位學程

NCKU Techno Art is very proud to invite Kristefan Minski to talk about Ars Electronica Futurelab on the forthcoming Thursday. Kristefan Minski is currently a cross media artist, researcher and producer based at… Continue reading

Brilliant: Bots Do Ballet in Brooklyn, and the Crowd Goes Wild – IEEE Spectrum

Seven Nao robots steal the spotlight in a modern dance performance Look-up Source: Bots Do Ballet in Brooklyn, and the Crowd Goes Wild – IEEE Spectrum The first Nao made his initial appearance… Continue reading

Science+Food+Art: The tough life of a soil crust – CSIRO blog

Brilliant work….. and inspiration to the ‘Edible Shoe’. What happens when science meets food meets art? You get sculptural meringues and splices — mud cakes, if you will — from our artist in… Continue reading

Techno Art @ NCKU 2016

All the best to our Techno Art Masters Program applicants for 2016 First round of interviews complete – stunning candidates. Looking forward to the 2nd round later in the year.

Interesting Article: Islip Exhibition Explores How Science Influences Art

Brilliant .. Sciart From “Compendium,” “Screened for Malaria” (2015) by Elaine Whittaker. In ‘Compendium,’ at the Islip Art Museum, three artists draw inspiration from the world of science: like visually interpreting drugs, and… Continue reading

A Matter of Taste

Coming to Dinner? Random notes I have started a few research questions to extend the ‘Project: Edible Shoe’ beyond the event but also to consider as a viable project for funding: How does… Continue reading